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Paint Your Own Beatle By Numbers

Paint Your Own Beatle
Paint Your Own Beatle
Paint Your Own Beatle

Paint Your Own Beatle by Terry Crain

A budding painter could be immersed in the artistry of The Beatles with a ‘Paint Your Own Beatle’ set. The set was available in four different paint-by-number versions, one for each Beatle. Produced in 1964, the collection came with oil-colored paints, two bristled brushes, a thinner/brush cleaner, and an 11″x14″ numbered, ready-to-paint canvas board for you to paint a life-like portrait. Artistic Creations made it, Incorporated at 12825 South Broadway in Los Angeles, California.  

The box, which was14″x19″, advertised “Paint Your Own Beatle” and included a graphic depicting the finished product. “Sensational Real-Life Oil Portrait. Do it yourself by the numbers. It’s fun; it’s easy! So great… you’ll want to do all four Beatle portraits” “Everything you need to create an exciting oil painting.” “Not a print, not a picture…genuine 11″x14″ oil painting. Paint it…frame it…hang it! The Official Beatles licensed oil paint kit by Artistic Creations, Inc.”

Printed on the box exterior was a list of the contents:

–Giant 11″x14″ Paint By Number Portrait

–Genuine Pre-Mixed Oil Colors

–Two Genuine Bristle Paint Brushes

–Supply Of Special Brush Cleaner Liquid

–Print Of Finished Paint-By-Number Portrait

–Complete Easy To Follow Instructions


Printed detailed instructions inside the box said, “Congratulations! You have just purchased a genuine Artistic Creations Numbers Oil Painting Set…Before You Start Your Painting Read These Simple Instructions.” It then went on to list nine instruction items to follow to paint your picture correctly. The kit series listed for these were “Beatles 102-5.” Individual kit numbers were Ringo – #102, George – #103, Paul –  #104, John –  #105.

Columbia Record Club published a flyer for this item. The cover displayed a 6″x8″ painting of Ringo and said, “A first for club members – Paint Your Own Beatle or other famous personality…”

Create an Exciting Oil Portrait of The Beatles
Create an Exciting Oil Portrait of The Beatles

A print graced the lid “window” of a paint by number kit. It showed what the completed painting would look like if you followed the directions. The print measured 11″x14″ and had a biography of the Beatle on the back.

The Painted Beatles
The Painted Beatles

“The full set comes with a guide print with a bio on the back, printed on thin paper. The actual painting is on very hard cardboard.” – Ricky Glover.

Find out more about Beatles memorabilia in Terry’s great book:

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