I highly recommend this book – Well done Debbie!

Joseph Cohen Reviews Debbie's Book
Joseph Cohen Reviews Debbie’s Book


What a smashing little book! The author Debbie Greenberg was an addicted cave dweller in the 1960’s in the world’s most famous club – The Cavern in Liverpool.

She witnessed all 292 performances of The Beatles and gives a vivid insight eloquently expressed, the conditions; the sweat, smell, and memories inside the Cavern.

When the Cavern Club closed in 1966 her father Alf Geoghegan became the new owner and Debbie was thrust into a new family business resurrecting the legacy of this iconic shrine of the Mersey Beat era.

The book is a very easy read with loads of interesting photos, posters and press clips. The book includes some interesting encounters with many celebrities, especially a surprise visit by ‘Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman.
Life in the fast lane isn’t always a bed of roses and Debbie gives an account of many problems and turmoil the family had to overcome.

The book contains a wealth of inside information not only about the Cavern, but also a concise remarkable autobiography, which I found so interesting and honestly expressed.

I highly recommend this book – Well done Debbie!

Cavern Club - The Inside Story
Cavern Club – The Inside Story

The Beatles Last Night at The Cavern

The Beatles at the Cavern on 22nd August 1962 copyright Peter Kaye

Although Brian Epstein promised that The Beatles would return to The Cavern, they never did. 3rd August 1963 would the last of their almost 300 appearances at the Mathew Street club that had become their home since 1961.

Debbie Greenberg, a Cavernite at the time, would go on to be more involved with The Cavern when her father became the owner of the legendary club. Debbie’s story with the Cavern is detailed in her incredible book, Cavern: The Inside Story“.

In this excerpt, she shares some of her memories and feelings of seeing The Beatles at The Cavern for the last time.

From Debbie Greenberg’s book:

I was about to leave our house on the afternoon of 3rd August 1963 when I spotted the Beatles arriving at the Harrison’s house in Macketts Lane. George’s car, a racing green Jaguar with the license plate 28 PXX. In their pink shirts. Brown suede waistcoats and dark trousers, they leapt out of the car and ran into the house.

I couldn’t wait to get down to the Cavern to see them play again and I made sure I was there well before the Cavern opened at 7pm. I met Sue in town at 5p.m. and we joined the queue outside the Cavern. It was wide to get there early, because by the time the doors finally opened the queue stretched all the way down Mathew Street. Little did we know this would be the last time we would see the Beatles at the Cavern.

The club was overflowing, we stood packed like sardines, but still managed to drum a beat with our feet and hands. From the back of the crowd we could see the Beatles on stage in the same outfits I had seen them in a few hours earlier.

It was the most incredible experience to hear them playing their number one hit, “Please Please Me”, after following them on their journey to stardom.

The Beatles at the Cavern on 22nd August 1962 copyright Peter Kaye

The memorable night was edged with tears. We had mixed feelings about the Beatles moving on. We were thrilled they had found fame but at the same time couldn’t help feeling sad that we had lost them to the rest of the world. After all, they were our Beatles.

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Cavern Club - The Inside Story
Cavern Club – The Inside Story