About Us

The Beatles Bookstore

The Beatles Bookstore is a collective formed by a group of Beatles authors who are friends and always looking to work together.

We often meet at Beatles conventions, like the Fest for Beatles Fans, Abbey Road on the River and the Liverpool International Beatleweek. Most of us are not professional writers – we have normal jobs. We don’t write books to “make money”, but to share what we do with other Beatles fans. We don’t have big marketing budgets and limitless resources to promote our books.

Our Mission

What we wanted to do was to make our books accessible to everyone. We all have our individual websites and social media profiles, but we decided to get everything into one place so that you can find us more easily. So many Beatles fans love getting personalised, signed, collectible books direct from the authors at Beatles conventions. What we decided to do was to allow you to have access to the authors 365, 24/7.

Our Books

We hope you enjoy browsing through our library of books, meeting the authors and getting those signed books direct from us.

Thanks for your support

David Bedford

On behalf of Beatles authors