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Julian Lennon and Ringo

SIGNED BOOK FROM 1968 – obtained on eBay a few years ago – with Julian Lennon and Ringo “Uncle Ritchie” Signatures

The UK Beatles Hunter Davies biography first edition
The UK Beatles Hunter Davies biography first edition

A close-up of the Beatles biography in the UK signed by none other than Ringo Starr and a 5-year-old Julian Lennon. The book was inscribed to a Mrs. Read who was either a Beatles collector or possibly an educator or teacher who may have also been a Beatles fan. You will see why I speculate this in a further signed document shown below written by George Harrison’s sister-in-law! It appears that this book must have been signed by both Ringo and Julian while Ringo was visiting John at the Kenwood Weybridge estate.

Signed in 1968?

It is fitting that this book from 1968 is signed by both Ringo and Julian. During this year, the Beatles recorded the Lennon lullaby that John wrote for Julian, entitled “Good Night.” It was Ringo who sang the lead vocal on the track!

Check it out

The note from the 5-year-old Julian Lennon and his uncle Ringo Starr to Mrs. Read!

The Signatures of Ringo Starr and Julian Lennon
The Signatures of Ringo Starr and Julian Lennon

It seems that Mrs. Read must have been either a Beatles collector or possibly a teacher as not only did Ringo and Julian sign and inscribe the Beatles book for her, but Pauline Harrison who was the wife of George’s brother, wrote the following note to Mrs. Read in 1968. 

This note was also obtained on eBay!

Was able to obtain an invitation that Julian sent out for his 4th birthday party: Julian was obviously just learning to write as he dropped the letter “A” in his first name! Obtained this invitation on eBay!

invitation that Julian sent out for his 4th birthday party
invitation that Julian sent out for his 4th birthday party

A signed photo of a young Julian Lennon with his dad at their home in Weybridge. Julian Lennon signed this photo when he was an adult!

Julian Signed this photo of him with his dad, John
Julian Signed this photo of him with his dad, John

The special single that Julian and James Scott Cook cut as a tribute to Julian’s childhood friend, Lucy Vodden who passed away from Lupus at age 46. Ironically, James Scott Cook’s grandmother was also named Lucy, and she too had Lupus. The single was called “Lucy” and contained a reproduction of the original sketch that Julian Lennon did as a 4-year-old that inspired his dad to write “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” Julian randomly signed about 200 of the reproductions to accompany the single and a few years ago I was able to obtain one. The original drawing that Julian Lennon did is supposedly now owned by former Pink Floyd member, David Gilmour!

Julian's Original Drawing of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds from his tribute single
Julian’s Original Drawing of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds from his tribute single

A more recent picture of Ringo and Julian that Julian posted on his website after seeing Ringo at one of his live performances!

Julian and Uncle Ringo
Julian and Uncle Ringo

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rock 'n' roll circus

In December of 1968, a supergroup was put together for the Rolling Stones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus film with John Lennon of the Beatles as the rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones on bass guitar, Eric Clapton from the former Cream on lead guitar and Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience on drums! Yoko was also featured on one of the numbers that the band played with classical violinist, Ivry Gitlis. The group received the name “The Dirty Mac.”

The Signed Drumhead from Mitch Mitchell

The picture above is a signed drumhead from the late Mitch Mitchell, who passed away in 2008 from several medical issues he had been suffering from. I purchased the drumhead several years ago on eBay for two reasons: The “To John” personalization (not to me) and his membership in that fabled one-off supergroup. Unfortunately, the video and program of the performance at the Circus were kept unreleased for several decades until it was finally issued on VHS and DVD formats by ABKCO, the owners of the footage. This was the company that was owned by Allen Klein. After its initial release, there was a special edition released which featured outtakes performed by the many acts that did not make the original final cut. One of the highlights for me of the outtakes was hearing the Dirty Mac rehearse a version of “Revolution.”

Little did I know at the time of the purchase of the drumhead there was another M. Mitchell/ Lennon connection. In 1965/66 when John’s dad, Freddie had recorded his own 45 record of “That’s My Life, That’s My Love and My Home” b/w “The Next Time You Feel Important” to associate himself with his son’s incredible fame, many people did not know that two of the backing musicians on the Freddie Lennon 45 were none other than Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. These two guys were to eventually join Jimi Hendrix in making musical history.

Including a few YouTube links for you to join in on their merriment!

The Dirty Mac – “Yer Blues”

“Whole Lotta Yoko”

“Revolution” (Rehearsal)

The rare Dutch Version of the Freddie Lennon song featuring Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding as backing musicians:

“That’s My Life” by Freddie Lennon

The DVD and CD releases of the Rock and Roll Circus material appear to be on sale in both eBay and Amazon locations.

Get The DVD and/ or CD From Amazon:

Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Book

Rock 'n' Roll Circus Book
Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Book

Here is some of the genius of Mitch Mitchell.

Have you seen the Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus? What did you think of the band? Some supergroup, eh?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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June Furlong and Helen Anderson – Memories From The ’50s 

Helen Anderson's sketch of John Lennon

A Spotlight on June Furlong and Helen Anderson

When John’s mom, Julia, was killed in 1958, he was justifiably very depressed. Following this event at the Art School, the Liverpool model, June Furlong, who often posed for art students such as Helen Anderson, Cynthia Lennon, and John, recalls a story of John following the death of his mom. He was walking near an open elevator shaft at the school and June noticed the severely depressed mood John was in and tried to talk him out of his despair, and got him away from the elevator shaft and if memory serves me correctly, she encouraged John to have a drink to get his mind away from the sadness he was experiencing.

 June speaks highly of John in her book which is pictured and mentioned below!

Helen Anderson, John’s art school classmate and who is also a member of this blog, is interviewed along with June Furlong, in this YouTube piece.

Helen Anderson is a wonderful, very talented person, who I often communicate with via email. She does wonderful sketches among many other artistic pursuits. I have acquired one of her sketches of John for my collection. Some great information about Helen is provided at this site: Helen Anderson – Helen Anderson Designs

Helen Anderson’s Sketch of John Lennon

Here is an edited abbreviated version of the sketch Helen did of John with the glasses that helped him with his terrible vision and his prominent Roman nose!  I was able to obtain from her the full sketch signed by her which made me very happy. I still want to obtain a copy of the hat that she designed for John which he wore prominently in the “Help” film. She offers the hat for sale on her website at the link just above

I am trying to encourage Helen to write her memoirs and to record her memories for posterity, and I am pleased to say that she seems genuinely motivated and anxious to do so.

Helen Anderson's Drawing of John Lennon
Helen Anderson’s Drawing of John Lennon

This is June Furlong’s book published in 2000 by AMPL. detailing her life in Liverpool and her long modeling career. She passed away in November of 2020 at the age of 90.

June a Life Study about June Furlong
June a Life Study about June Furlong

The back cover of the June Furlong book co-written with Jill Block:

June a Life Study about June Furlong
June a Life Study about June Furlong


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