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Number Three Savile Row – Exclusive News!

Number Three Savile Row - Apple HQ
Number 3 Savile Row – Apple HQ

The First is a real exclusive !! Nigel Pearce is with the help of John “Buzz” Bezzini, and David Bedford, is going to release a book on the history of the actual Building No. 3 Savile Row. It is going to be a one-off special pressing release detailing the history of the building from its construction to the present day. 

This will include its base for the British Admiralty, events coming from that, being the home of several British notables, and its link to The British Bowler Hat. We also will be printing a full Brochure detailing the building when put up for sale in the early 1900s. This will include complete details of the structure and rooms at the time.

When Number 3 Closed
When Number 3 Closed

We will be mentioning the purchase for The Beatles to be the base for Apple Records etc. as well as a little section on the Get Back sessions. We will also re-print the affidavit submitted to the High Court by Alen Klein, for the famous case of Paul McCartney versus the other three Beatles and Apple Corps.

We will also reprint the full page published detailing the judgement given by QC Mr. Justice Stamp, who was presiding over the proceedings.

This publication again will be issued from documents held in my personal collection, and again many of which have been forgotten, or never seen. Discussions are being held now with publishers, and they are apparently very keen. More will be revealed.

A Rare Apple Record from Nigel's Collection
A Rare Apple Record from Nigel’s Collection

There is going to be another “Inside Number Three” Book titled ‘Deeper Inside Number Three‘ where we will take you further inside this colourful and magical world, which still fascinates, and mystifies so many Beatles and Music fans today nearly 60 years after the project started. Apple Records is a music phenomenon and is still an organisation of mystery and intrigue, but more will be revealed, as the famous song said in 1963 “It Won’t Be Long”.

There will be more to come!!

Nigel Pearce

Author Inside No 3

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  1. Let me know!!! Great!!

  2. Surely Brian Epstein didn’t buy 3 Savile Row for The Beatles. He passed away many months before if was purchased!

  3. Sounds fantastic! I’m looking forward to reading it when published

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