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the beatles break-up? let it be.

Invitation the The Beatles "Let It Be"
Invitation the The Beatles “Let It Be”

Author David Stark, whose book It’s All Too Much has recently been added to the Beatles Bookstore, is a guest of Sean Styles on BBC Radio Merseyside at 12.20pm GMT tomorrow (9th April), talking about the Beatles break-up, which was effectively announced by Paul on April 10th 1970, as well as the Let It Be album & film.

“I was invited to the world premiere at the London Pavilion in May 1970 even though I was just 17 and still at school – this was a very nice gesture by Apple & the group, who I’m pretty sure sent me the tickets as an extra consolation prize for not being able to fulfil their promise of sending me free tickets to the Beatles’ abandoned live TV show in January ’69.

“Of course the group played the Apple rooftop show instead, while my eventual consolation prize was an advance copy of Abbey Road, plus a great letter from Peter Brown at ‘Beatles & Co.’ also signed by Ringo.”

Letter from Apple to David from Peter Brown, signed by Ringo
Letter from Apple to David from Peter Brown, signed by Ringo

“Bookstore members can also listen to & watch a short video on YouTube which is an excerpt from my narration of “It’s All Too Much” talking about these events with relevant images.”

It’s All Too Much book sample


It's All Too Much
It’s All Too Much