The Beatles Bookstore Buzz's Beatles Book/ Print Blog Sorely Missed Lizzie Bravo on her Journey “Across the Universe.”

Sorely Missed Lizzie Bravo on her Journey “Across the Universe.”

Lizzie Bravo with her book
Lizzie Bravo with her book

Lizzie Bravo

Before I departed Facebook, the announcement came across the medium that Lizzie Bravo had passed away from heart problems at age 70. I was fortunate to have had the good fortune to have many communications with the very prominent and celebrated Lizzie on Instant Messenger on Facebook. She was a wonderful lady with a warm heart and so many great memories of her travelling from her native Brazil in the sixties to London, to be present during the Beatles golden age of musical creations.

Across The Universe

She was also one of two fans, Gayleen Pease was the other, who was invited to sing backing vocals on John Lennon’s song “Across the Universe” in 1968. I firmly believe “Across the Universe” is one of the Beatles’ most underrated numbers. Several years ago, Lizzie published her Beatles memoirs in a book that was published in her native Brazil. I was able to purchase a signed copy from her.

Lizzie's Inscription for John
Lizzie’s Inscription for John

I loved the photos, but I am not knowledgeable of the Portuguese language, so I missed out on most of the stories behind the photos. At the end of her life, Lizzie had completed her English translation of her book and was seeking out the best publication arrangement that she could find for its release.

Lizzie Bravo's Book
Lizzie Bravo’s Book

Several months after her passing, I contacted Lizzie’s daughter to ask her if she had plans to complete her mom’s wish to one day issue the book in English. She promised me that she would eventually issue her mom’s book in English as that would ensure a much wider audience for the book by the prominent Beatles fan. I have included several photos here of the Brazilian edition of the book and I am sure we will all look forward to the day when her family is able to produce the English language edition for Beatles fans everywhere.

We miss you, Lizzie!!!


4 thoughts on “Sorely Missed Lizzie Bravo on her Journey “Across the Universe.””

  1. Wonderful to hear that eventually Lizzie Bravo’s book will be published in English. Remember very well reading about her from time to time on various Beatle sites. She was a part of Beatle History. Thank You very much for this posting.

  2. Antonio: So glad you enjoyed the post! I am looking forward to the English language version of the book very much! There must be many great stories contained within the book! I no longer have a Facebook account so if you see the English language book eventually being offered somewhere, please let me know! Thank you!

  3. Over the moon that Lizzie’s book will be published in the English language. Please keep us posted on any news of a release date. I was fortunate enough to have met Lizzie in the past and kept in touch with her throughout the years. She was a warm, caring person and I miss her very much.

    1. Hello Vickie: Lizzie’s daughter did promise me that her mom’s book will indeed be published in English but she had no knowledge when I communicated with her about a proposed timeline as to when it would be issued. I imagine the family is approaching the publisher choice which can give them the best worldwide distribution for the book! I suspect it will still be a while before we see it issued.

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