The Beatles Bookstore Buzz's Beatles Book/ Print Blog Competition – Join VIP Tony Hanley at a Special Event

Competition – Join VIP Tony Hanley at a Special Event

Tommy Hanley With A Little Help From My Lens
Tommy Hanley With A Little Help From My Lens

Join Tommy Hanley

Our genuine raffle is for 4 people to join as our VIP ‘Tommy Hanley’ guests at our table of 10, alongside Tony, Tommy’s son, meeting at 11.30am for pre-lunch drinks, and a 3-course lunch (with even more drinks) and legendary broadcaster “Whispering” Bob Harris, the unmistakable voice of the Old Grey Whistle test & BBC Music radio. Bob shares five decades of remarkable stories from the Beatles to Dolly Parton hosted by his great friend Charles Dagnall.

The Event

The event is at Balls Brothers wine bar, Minster Exchange on Thurs 26 Oct, 2023. The event closes at 4PM, after which the lucky winners, with not one but two unique limited edition copies of ‘With a Little Help From My Lens’ by Tommy Hanley, may wander back to the citizenM hotel, (rated 8.7 Fabulous, on, 40 Trinity Square, City of London, EC3N 4DJ, and freshen up in two King size rooms, ready for an evening at leisure, exploring the sites of London, as you please. Breakfast is included in the package prior to check out Friday 27th Oct.

Enter the Raffle Now!

Tickets are only £3 and 20% goes to charity too.

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Who Was Tommy Hanley?

Who was Tommy Hanley? Tommy was a London born, professional photographer, that during his 50-year career, photographed numerous musical rock, pop and jazz artists, of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It all started in 1963 when he took the iconic shot of four lads from Liverpool before they went on stage to perform to screaming hoards, at the Odeon cinema, Luton, UK on September 6th. Tommy’s own story starts right there, and he transformed his journey into a special collector’s book, ‘With A Little Help From My Lens’.

With A Little Help From My Lens
With A Little Help From My Lens

Curated by his son Tony, and brought to fruition, as a labour of love, this unique publication, features over 300 glorious images (many of which are unseen), and from behind the camera, is Tommy’s original story, covering three decades, up to his final departure from Apple Corp, where in ’95, he was the ‘go to’ archivist for the upcoming Anthology project.

This unique collector’s book is genuinely limited to 1000 COPIES ONLY WORLDWIDE. It is retailed at £495ea and selling fast. It is not available in any store, or on any website, other than When the last copy has gone, then its most definitely GONE FOR EVER!

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“With a Little Help From My Lens” – a selection of book testimonials are: –

‘Tom’s beautiful book is most impressive. His son, Tony has taken the care and attention to present Toms images and well written text to make it a quality product and a book that will be loved by any Beatles fan.

Jill Furmanovsky – Photographer Oasis, Blondie, and numerous other artists.

‘Thank you so much for finishing your father’s wonderful book. Just finished its read last night and am very enlightened. Loved everything about it. It was not like a “history documentary”, but more like sitting with an old friend as he tells his stories. And such great photos. Originally thought I was crazy, as it is the most I have ever paid for a book, but in the end, well worth it. Glad it is a contribution to me & my son’s (overgrown) collection.

Shelley, USA (Genuine book purchase)

‘My latest TV documentary ‘A Love Letter To The Beatles.’ charts the massive impact that The Beatles meant to a generation. To stare into very soul of The Beatles, Tommy Hanley’s book ‘With a Little Help From My Lens; is a massive hit! Tommy’s images evidence that he was there in the epicentre, and visually tells the stories of the most extraordinary career in music history. His talent behind the lens makes us feel like we are in front of it, in the room with John, Paul, George, Ringo, their families, colleagues and entourages. It’s a remarkable achievement to have been able to document such a journey in so much detail and bought to life in this not to be missed, first-class publication.

Simon Weitzman. Author & Film Director.

Tom Hanley, noted and distinguished photographer, was there to photograph the Beatles during their heyday and rise to the pinnacle of fame and notoriety also had the distinction of being there to help chronicle the demise of the world’s greatest entertainment phenomenon. When Tom Hanley passed away in November of 2021, his son fulfilled a promise to his dad with this great book, a wonderful collection of many of his Beatle photos taken over the years. When I learned that Tony was issuing only 1,000 copies of this book and it was not to be produced in any other form whatsoever, I knew I had to have one and I was fortunate to have been able to purchase copy #900 of 1,000 issued. I was not disappointed. It is a fabulous book. If you are a Beatles book collector, this is one you will NEED for your collection. “With a Little Help From My Lens” is one of the best photography books about the world’s best pop band, without question, and one of my favourite books in my massive Beatles library!

Mr John Bezzini, USA. Probably THE person with THE largest Beatle book collection IN THE WORLD!

Get your copy now!

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