Ringo starr playing the mandolin

Ringo on the set of Magical Mystery Tour
Ringo on set of the Magical Mystery Tour set
Ringo on set of the Magical Mystery Tour set

Spencer Davis

While on the MMT in Cornwall the Beatles friend “Spencer Davis” who had recently had a hit with the single “Keep on Running” invited a few of us to the family owned “Tywarnhayle Inn”

The cast and the crew had an exhausted days  filming and decided not to come but that didn’t stop Paul and Ringo and ME going there.

Ringo on the Mandolin

We walked in and when the regulars saw Paul/ Ringo the whole pub fell quiet-and then shouted give us a Beatle song which Paul didn’t want to do. He got a pint of beer and headed straight to the piano which was in the corner, put his beer down and started to play “Knees-up Mother Brown” and Ringo picked up a an old Mandolin which was in the corner which had only one string.


After many drinks and many songs Ringo announced that he had worn his finger away while playing and  blood was all over his hand.

We left after midnight and I expect the “Tywarnhayle Inn” is still talking about the night Paul and Ringo played there!

Leslie Cavendish

“Excerpt from my book “THE CUTTING EDGE”

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