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She Loves You, lets you ride along with John Lennon and The Beatles on the whirlwind tour that was 1963-early 1964. Available on Kindle only here

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Vol. 3 in The John Lennon Series, She Loves You, lets you ride along with John Lennon and The Beatles on the whirlwind tour that was 1963-early 1964. You’ll accompany John and Brian on holiday in Spain, sit with The Beatles on the Roy Orbison Tour, and experience the wild emergence of Beatlemania as the boys tour England, Ireland, Wales, Sweden and Paris, France. When The Beatles play The London Palladium and The Royal Command Performance, you’ll be there! When they release With the Beatles, you’ll experience the 14 LP tracks in 14 one-of-a-kind, original lithographs by Enoch Doyle Jeter. And when The Beatles conquer America in February, 1964, you’ll be with them, every step of the way!

She Loves You is an intimate look at the year that changed John Lennon’s life and the women who loved him: Auntie Mimi, the fans, and his enchanting wife, Cynthia. This fly-on-the wall expanded biography is your “ticket to ride.”

The hard copies are all sold out. It is available in all e-book formats, including Kindle and Nook.

You can still get the Kindle version by clicking here for $9.99

She Loves You - Amazon

She Loves You – Amazon

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4 reviews for She Loves You (Vol. 3) 1963 – 1st March 1964

  1. Larry Kane

    “She Loves You can also be the name of Jude Southerland Kessler’s respect for her readers. Jude has done it again, another detailed panorama of John Lennon. Whether it is the writing of the descriptions or the sense of being there, She Loves You is a book that loves you back…And you know you should be glad…that Jude Kessler does what she does so well!”
    Larry Kane, author of Ticket to Ride, When They Were Boys, and Lennon Revealed

  2. Mark Lapidos

    “Jude’s current book, called She Loves You, is a must-read, as her writing style is geared for fans; she explains in great detail all angles of events in a very enjoyable and engaging manner.”
    Mark Lapidos, The Fest for Beatles Fans

  3. Dennis Ferrante

    “Jude Kessler has written the most engaging accounts of John that I have ever read before, and I know that this new book, She Loves You, will be just as exciting as her previous 2 books. I couldn’t put them down!”
    Dennis Ferrante, John’s sound engineer and friend

  4. Bill Harry

    “All hail to Jude in this third edition of the definitive odyssey of the life of John Lennon.”
    Bill Harry, Mersey Beat and author of The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia, The John Lennon Encyclopedia, and Liverpool: Bigger Than The Beatles

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