Leslie Cavendish

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                                                      LESLIE CAVENDISH
I was born in the East London of London and grew up in a large Jewish family in Burnt Oak, North London. I was apprenticed to Vidal Sassoon in 1962, becoming a stylist three years later. Soon after I became Paul McCartney’s private
 hairdresser in 1966, and  began to work on the image of John/George and Ringo, at their Apple offices .I was invited to watch them record at the studios, also being invited along as a friend and participant on the Magical Mystery Tour. In 1967, I opened my own salon, backed by Apple and the Beatles, at 161 King’s Road, Chelsea.



  • He’ll be for ever known as The Beatles’ hairdresser and would make one heck of a dinner party guest.

Sadie Nicholas
                                                  The Daily Express

  • A fascinating view of what it was like working for the Beatles at the end of the Sixties.

            Ray Connolly, pop culture writer and journalist

  •                                           The best Beatles book for some time

                                                           British Beatles Fan Club Magazine


  • Leslie Cavendish wasn't just the Beatles' hairdresser, he was one of the few Londoners/Cockneys at the core of the Apple empire. How many people can say they had a seat on the Magical Mystery Tour bus, were inside the Apple building while the Fab Four played on the roof, and drove Paul McCartney across London in a Mini Cooper?

Claudia Elliott journalist for Classic Rock and BBC

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