Should Have Known Better (Vol. 4) – 1964


1964 in John’s life! “A Hard Day’s Night”, and created/recorded the accompanying, best-selling soundtrack; a World Tour, a Scottish sojourn, a lengthy North American Tour hitting cities all across the U.S. and Canada.

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1964! The Beatles made the award-winning film, “A Hard Day’s Night” and created/recorded the accompanying, best-selling soundtrack. They completed a World Tour, a Scottish sojourn, a lengthy North American Tour hitting cities all across the U.S. and Canada. And then, they returned to England to record their second LP of the year, Beatles for Sale. But that wasn’t enough!

No, the Fab Four set out on a five-week tour of the United Kingdom whilst recording their second Christmas Fan Club record and preparing for The Beatles Christmas show! And on top of that, John Lennon penned the acclaimed best-selling book, In His Own Write, and won the prestigious Foyles Literary Award. His wife, Cynthia, and John bought a new home and completely remodeled it while raising a toddler and trekking together to Ireland and Tahiti.

All this without even mentioning the scads of interviews, new conferences, radio shows, television specials, and photographs. What a year! And every single moment of it is brought to life in Vol. 4 of The John Lennon Series, Should Have Known Better! Fasten your “safety belts” for this page-turning, incredibly wild ride with John and the lads!


4 reviews for Should Have Known Better (Vol. 4) – 1964

  1. Elliott Easton

    Jude Southerland Kessler’s John Lennon Series is completely unique in the canon of Beatles-related literature. She puts you in the room in a way that I’ve not experienced before, and I’ve read them all. Highly recommended!”
    Elliot Easton, Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame guitarist for The Cars

  2. Tom Frangione

    “Having established herself as one of the pre-eminent Beatles scholars and writers via the last three installments of her Lennon narrative history series, Jude knocks it out of the park again with Should Have Known Better. She is the perfect balance of historian and storyteller, and here, readers again get to delight in the fruits of her painstaking research and beautifully written narrative. You really get to feel as if you’re there for the ride – sometimes 50,000 feet up, sometimes in the weeds – but always in a place you don’t want to leave. I’m already thirsting for Volume 5!
    Tom Frangione, The Beatles Channel, Sirius XM Radio, Co-host of “The Fab Fourum” and writer for Beatlefan magazine

  3. Angie McCartney

    “Now this is what you call a real page-turner! Jude has some never-before-published information about the early days of The Beatles. She has really uncovered some fascinating stories about the boys. Even Ruth and I, who have read gazillions of Beatles-related books, found a lot of new information in this tome, and that takes some doing! Her dedication to John Lennon, in particular, has made so many of us ardent followers of her work, and this latest book reconfirms her devotion to our fearless four. Congratulations, Jude, on your continuing to keep the legends in our consciousness.”
    Dr. Angie McCartney and Ruth McCartney, of Mrs. McCartney’s Teas

  4. Randy Bachman

    “It’s amazing that the world-wide impact of The Beatles still grows and intrigues us after all these many decades. In a few short years, the Fab 4 changed the world, brought the world closer together, and still continues to this day. I loved reading these John Lennon books! They gave such a personal insight as to where he came from. When Bob Dylan first met The Beatles, he was quoted as saying to John, “Now that you have the attention of the world, say something!” And they sure did!…I congratulate Jude Kessler on another great piece of musical history!”
    Randy Bachman, of Bachman Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who

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