Some Fun Tonight 2
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My Father was the Promoter of the Denver leg of the Beatles’ ’64 tour

Some Fun Tonight
Some Fun Tonight

I’ve seen and heard numerous stories about “did it sell out?”, “were oxygen tanks used?” on and on…Well, I was there backstage, and at the age of six, I remember it quite well. Author Chuck Gunderson sets the record straight on almost everything regarding the Denver stop. I’ve read a lot of Beatles books over the years, and this one gets it right – he uses empirical evidence and confirms his sources. No speculation here, just the facts. Each city is a wealth of information about the Beatles and the cities themselves in regards to how they handled the Beatlemania invasion. 

This this is the king of all Beatle books related to touring in the U.S. and Canada.

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This book is not to be missed by any Beatleholic!” -Brad Byers