Exploring Fab Four Landmarks
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LEt me take you down – travel with sandi

Exploring Fab Four Landmarks by Sandi Borowsky

What is like for an American Beatles fab to travel to the UK and walk in the footsteps of The Beatles? Meet Sandi Borowsky, who did just that and has captured the essence of Liverpool and London as she takes you on her pilgrimage.

Here is an interview with Sandi talking about her incredible book.



“Sandi Anne Borowsky’s Exploring Fab Four Landmarks is spot on!
With vivid descriptions of her surroundings and adventures, plus colorful, close-up photographs (taken by the author, herself), we feel like we are traveling through England right alongside her!

She takes us on a tour of important Beatle landmarks, as well as places we wouldn’t expect to see (from a very special bathroom to a sudden shocker at Strawberry Fields! Read about it in this book!). We learn how resourceful Sandi is and of her absolute love, love, love of coffee…and ice (find out in these pages!)!

We come to know her friends or “mates” (both old and new) and the warmth and good humor of the British people, through Sandi’s retelling of conversations and events. One of Sandi’s friends and her grandmother even knew Ringo (Sandi’s favorite Beatle!)and his “mum!”

“Love one another” and peace us Sandi’s wish for us all. She hopes you have as much fun reading about her absolutely Fab adventures as she did having them!

So let the movie in your mind begin!”

Howard Cohen, November 29, 2019


Exploring Fab Four Landmarks
Exploring Fab Four Landmarks