Joseph Cohen reviews Debbie's book
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I highly recommend this book – Well done Debbie!

Joseph Cohen Reviews Debbie's Book
Joseph Cohen Reviews Debbie’s Book


What a smashing little book! The author Debbie Greenberg was an addicted cave dweller in the 1960’s in the world’s most famous club – The Cavern in Liverpool.

She witnessed all 292 performances of The Beatles and gives a vivid insight eloquently expressed, the conditions; the sweat, smell, and memories inside the Cavern.

When the Cavern Club closed in 1966 her father Alf Geoghegan became the new owner and Debbie was thrust into a new family business resurrecting the legacy of this iconic shrine of the Mersey Beat era.

The book is a very easy read with loads of interesting photos, posters and press clips. The book includes some interesting encounters with many celebrities, especially a surprise visit by ‘Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman.
Life in the fast lane isn’t always a bed of roses and Debbie gives an account of many problems and turmoil the family had to overcome.

The book contains a wealth of inside information not only about the Cavern, but also a concise remarkable autobiography, which I found so interesting and honestly expressed.

I highly recommend this book – Well done Debbie!

Cavern Club - The Inside Story
Cavern Club – The Inside Story