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Becoming The Beatles Hairdresser

The Beatles at Pigalle
The Beatles at Pigalle

How Leslie Cavendish became hairdresser to The Beatles

The Beatles were performing at Wembley at the NME Poll winners awards in the afternoon on April 21st 1963 .

I  had my tickets to go to the Pigalle Club in the evening where the Beatles were going to come on stage at 10pm in front of 150 mainly Jewish people and it was known as a JEW DO!,I was 16years old.

How did I know that in 3 years time I would become THE BEATLES HAIRDRESSER

You can read about it and many more stories in my book THE CUTTING EDGE.

Leslie Cavendish

The Cutting Edge by Leslie Cavendish
The Cutting Edge by Leslie Cavendish
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