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The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show
The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show
The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show

Hello everyone,

Here’s the recording of my radio show I did on the Beatles with four authors. I didn’t get a chance to record the show because it wasn’t connected, so one of the guests, Gary Fearon recorded it for me.

The radio show on The History of Rock and Roll today was interesting but got some good interviews with the authors.

David Bedford was good on his books on Liddypool on Liverpool and different landmarks, The Fab One Hundred and Four on the musical evolution of The Beatles, Finding the Fourth Beatle on different drummers and The Country of Liverpool on Country music. He’s really good to talk to.

Mark Brickley is excellent on Postcards From Liverpool, he met Paul McCartney and Ringo in Los Angeles in 2012, been to different Beatle Fests, different Beatle landmarks, he interviewed Jackie Lomax, James McCartney, Ron McNeil of the Fab Four, Pete Best and few others, and he discussed on the music as well.

Gary Fearon is informative the Beatles solos and behind the songs on his book After Abbey Road, and Paul Ferrante is interesting on 30 Minutes in Memphis based on Beatles live performances in Memphis from 1966.

I like you to please bear with me that there’s been some technical issues because of the new radio board and there’s some parts are not connected and not programed, you can hear me but I sound a little low, I sounded ok, you can hear music, but the background isn’t connected, only you can hear the front, and for the phone system I can’t answer or say hi to the guest, because when they call in they’ll go live on the air, there won’t be an opportunity to talk before they’re live on the air.
So I have them call on my cell to say hi and then have them call the radio number.
It was unexpected.

I like to apologize for this issue.
Thanks for your understanding.


Meagan Pease


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