Ringo Starr
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The secret of ringo starr’s contribution to the beatles

Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr – the Ordinary One

To unravel the secret of the Beatles, it is helpful to visualize the four Beatles as the four corners of an album cover. The top left corner was John, the rebel. The top right corner Paul, the musical talent. The lower left corner George, the spiritual one, and the lower right corner Ringo, the ordinary one. The resulting mix was balanced and offered something for everyone.

There is this anecdote where John asks Ringo to drum the same as on a record he heard and Ringo says, “But John, these are two guys.” After which John answers, “Don’t let that bother you.”

The Boy Next Door

Ringo, the ordinary one, unintentionally, made sure that the Beatles did not become unattainable, especially at the peak of their popularity. He was and remained the normal one, the boy next door. We can still relate to these extraordinary people, especially John and Paul, through Ringo, who just seemed to be a nice chap.

We awe him very much. Congratulations Ringo!

Peter Eijgenhuijsen