Ringo Starr of The Beatles
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Happy Birthday Ringo Starr – and Jim McCartney

Ringo Starr

As we continue our celebration of Ringo Starr’s birthday, Angie McCartney gives her tribute to Ringo, and her late husband, and Paul’s father, Jim McCartney, who share the same birthday.

Angie McCartney Visiting Ringo

“Shortly after we were married, we took a trip to London to visit Paul. He drove us around each of The Beatles’ houses. When we visited Ringo and Maureen, our first impression was of little Zak, playing up in his tree house.  We had a nice afternoon tea, and then Ritchie asked Uncle Jim (as he called him) if we would like a tour of the house, which we of course were delighted to do.

New Fangled Machines

“As a side note, I had been bugging Jim for a dishwasher, as we had so many visitors to Rembrandt in those days. Mike would frequently bring a gang home late at night after a Scaffold gig or some other gathering, and I would come downstairs to a sea of dishes in the morning. Jim wasn’t in favour of these “new fangled machines” as he called them. So before we set off, I mentioned this to Ritchie. When we got to their marvellous kitchen, he made a point of showing Jim their dishwasher, showing him how it all worked etc.

Angie McCartney
Angie McCartney

So later, on our way back to town in Paul’s car, Jim turned to me and said “OK, you win. You can order one from Brown’s of Chester when we get home.” I finally got a shiny new dishwasher. My pride and joy. My new toy.

Until Jim had seen Maureen’s machine, he had the impression that the dishes went round and around, a bit like a clothes washer.


Angie McCartney