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Letter from Brian Epstein Reveals Another Part of Pete Best’s Exit from The Beatles

Letter from Brian Epstein to Joe Flannery

This letter has turned up in an auction of some of Joe Flannery’s things following his death. Joe was an integral member of Brian Epstein’s circle around The Beatles. You can read more about the auction here.

There are some interesting points which need clarification. When researching the supposed “sacking” of Pete Best for my book, “Finding the Fourth Beatle”, I uncovered a number of key points:

1. Pete Best was never sacked by Brian Epstein. He couldn’t be! The Beatles employed Brian as their manager. They could sack him, but Brian had no authority or power to sack Pete or any of The Beatles.

2. To achieve the removal of Pete Best, Brian had to convince Pete that he was being sacked, without saying the words!

3. As Brian didn’t sign the management contract with The Beatles in February 1962, he could not enforce the contract on The Beatles. However, John, Paul, George and Pete could enforce the contractual obligations on Brian!

4. Because of this fact, Brian was still legally tied to Pete and responsible for finding work for him, Brian was assisted by Joe Flannery by Flannery offering Pete the drummer’s position in Lee Curtis and the All Stars (Lee Curtis was Joe’s brother). By doing this, Pete effectively quit The Beatles.

5. It was for this reason that Brian wrote to ” release him from his obligations under contract to myself”. Brian was finally free.

If you want to read the full story, then it is in FINDING THE FOURTH BEATLE.

Finding the Fourth Beatle
Finding the Fourth Beatle
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