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The International Dark Horse and Ring O'Records Discography
The International Dark Horse and Ring O’Records Discography

A is for Apple

In a previous post on this blog I highlighted the superb A is for Apple, Apcor Publishing, tremendous book series about the Beatles company, Apple. This book series is unquestionably one of the best Beatles-related book series on the planet. One of the owners and administrators of Apcor, is the distinguished author and musician, Ed Dieckmann.

Here are a few samples of his rare now out-of-print books that he has published. I was fortunate to be able to find all of these excellent books in Beatles collecting circles and I treasure them dearly. Ed is a great guy and he strives to unearth those rare previously unknown bits of information that Beatles fans yearn for…..

Dark Horse Records

The first book was a collaborative effort about Dark Horse Records that was compiled by noted collector Franck Leenheer and Ed Dieckmann. The other two books are a fabulous discography of Beatles-related releases in Holland! Top Notch!!!

The Discography
The Discography
The Dutch Beatles Discography
The Dutch Beatles Discography

Made In Holland Too
Made In Holland Too

Buzz Bezzini

Books About The Beatles

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