At John Lennon’s House

At John Lennon's House
At John Lennon’s House

Often a book that is of interest to Beatles fans and collectors is not always issued in the desired print format. The following book was written by the Lennon’s Spanish housekeeper who worked for the Lennons during the John Lennon house-husband years after the birth of their son, Sean.

Rosaura Lopez Lorenzo worked for John and Yoko and supplied a few nice stories and photos from the years that very little was known of what was transpiring in the Dakota. Her book was published only in a Spanish print edition. Eventually, the book appeared in English but only in the kindle format. Hope to one day see an English print edition of this book. Rosaura speaks fondly of the Lennons but she is also honest about a few problems that occurred in the household as well during her tenure there.

As you can see from the dates below the Spanish print edition appeared 8 years before the English kindle edition of the book!

At John Lennon’s House (Spanish Edition)

At John Lennon’s house

by Rosaura Lopez Lorenzo and Eduardo Romero Lapidnot

The print version of the book was published in Spanish-Hércules; 1st edition (April 15, 2005)

Kindle English language book by one of John Lennon’s Dakota housekeepers  

Kindle Edition, 128 pages, Published September 9th 2013 by Hércules de Ediciones

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    1. The only English translation, Joseph, is a kindle release. Even the Spanish release was not a hardcover release by the way, softcover only!

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