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Are YOu Living in the beatles era?

The Beatles photographed in Liverpool
The Beatles photographed in Liverpool

Do we really understand why a band like The Beatles is considered a unique phenomenon? For decades historians, writers, media makers, and enthusiasts have done their best to discover and explain how it was possible that four friends from the north of England conquered the world. With their approach to song writing, recording and performing. But with so much more. What makes and keeps The Beatles unique and why are we probably still talking about them a century from now?

In his recently published book “The Beatles Era: a quest for the secret of The Beatles” Peter Eijgenhuijsen shares his search for the secret of The Beatles in a clever and compact way in a hundred pages. In doing so, Eijgenhuijsen reflects on what it means to live in “The Beatles Era” We are all in that happy circumstance. Although the band stopped decades ago: many of us experienced the rise, thedecline, but also the solo years of the Fab Four. Others only hooked up in those solo years. Anyway: with two living Beatles in our midst, we still belong to what Eijgenhuijsen calls The Beatles Era. And that, of course, makes us privileged people.

Discover more about this fascinating topic here (The first part is in Dutch, with an English translation further down the page).

The Beatles Era

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