The Beatles Listening to the Radio
The Beatles Listen to the Radio

Author Podcasts and Interviews:

Below are podcasts and interviews featuring some of our Beatles authors, talking about their books and projects.

Liddypod – David Bedford and Paul Beesley

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Episode 1 – Liddypool

David talks about growing up in Liverpool, his first book “Liddypool” and why Liverpool is so important to The Beatles story.

Liddypod – Episode 1 – Liddypool

Episode 4 – George Martin

David interviews Ken Womack, author of the two great books on George Martin.

Ken Womack on George Martin

Episode 5 – Finding the Fourth Beatle

Paul Beesley interviews David Bedford about his book, “Finding the Fourth Beatle”

David on Finding the Fourth Beatles

Episode 8 – Jude Kessler – Part 1

First part of the episode of Liddypod with John Lennon series author Jude Kessler

Interview with Jude Kessler – Part 1

Episode 8 – Jude Kessler – Part 2

Second part of David’s interview with Jude Kessler talking about her John Lennon series

Part 2 of the interview with Jude Kessler

Episode 10 – Andy White

David’s interview with Andy White, the session drummer who recorded “Love Me Do” and “PS I Love You” with The Beatles. David also talks about his books, “The Fab One Hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles” and “Finding the Fourth Beatle“.

Episode 10 – Andy White

Liddypod Episode 11 – The Country of Liverpool

Paul talks to David Bedford about his new book “The Country of Liverpool” which is due out this summer.

Find out more about Liddypod here.

Chuck Gunderson on “When We Was Fab”

Listen to the latest “When We Was Fab”  podcast hosted by Ed Chen as we talk about the Beatles North American tours.  Ed and I discuss several venues and why they were chosen along with interesting and myth busting facts of those three frenetic summer tours. Part one is linked up here, while part 2 will be posted next week.  Thanks for listening and for your support of “Some Fun Tonight!”

Listen to the Podcast interview here

Chuck Gunderson on Matthew Street’s YouTube Channel


John Winter on Scottie Road Writers Podcast

Join Liverpool author John Winter talking about his fascinating book, Blame It On The Beatles and Bill Shankly, on this Liverpool podcast show.


She Said She Said with Lanea Stagg and Jude Southerland Kessler