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This is my copy of the sheet music for the song “Linda”, dedicated to Miss Linda Eastman, written by Jack Lawrence back in 1946. Jack wrote the song to deal with a debt that he owed Linda Eastman’s father, Lee Eastman. The song was a hit and turned out to be a great investment for Lee Eastman. The song was recorded by many well-known artists including Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Jan and Dean. Paul’s knowledge and attraction for music publishing was certainly encouraged by the Eastman family when Paul joined the family by marrying Linda in 1969.


Bing Crosby

Linda (1947) – Bing Crosby – YouTube

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra – Linda – YouTube

Jan and Dean

Linda – YouTube

Perry Como

Perry Como – Linda – YouTube

Had you heard of this song before?



  1. Thanks for sharing Buzz! Yes! I have an old 1967 Columbia Hall of Fame 45 highlighting “Linda” by Buddy Clark. From what I understand, it was a big hit for him in November 1949! Great story!

    1. Yes, Jennifer. I have heard the Buddy Clark recording as well. A tremendous amount of cover versions of this song!

  2. I have a copy of the sheet music hanging in my house! The song was my dad’s favorite, and … why Linda is my first name! I found this story a long time ago and love, made it so much more special because I’m a crazy Beatles fan.
    Is there any version of “Linda” on the internet of which Paul sings it? I’ve always wanted to hear him play it at concert.

    1. Hello Linda and thank you for your comment. There is no version on the Internet to the best of my knowledge of Paul covering the Linda track that we discuss above. He has personally written a song about Linda that remains unreleased. He also uses the name Linda in another unreleased track entitled Lindiana which I have seen someone post on Youtube! Hope that helps!

      1. And Paul wrote the song Lovely Linda which is on his first solo album “McCartney.”

        1. I have heard rumors that Paul has recorded both an original unreleased song about Linda and possibly a version of him singing the Jack Lawrence number. The superb series of McCartney Legacy books written by Allan Kozinn and Adrian Sinclair have been cataloging all of Paul’s recorded material over the years so we are destined to read about virtually all of the McCartney material that resides in the vaults. Then the mystery will finally be solved!!!

      2. Thanx John.
        I’ve not heard of Lindiana.
        Great posts!

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