Lanea Stagg

Lanea Stagg
Lanea Stagg

Lanea Stagg is the author of the Recipe Records Cookbook Series:

Recipe RecordsRecipe Records-The 60’s Edition, Recipe Records-A Culinary Tribute to The Beatles, and The Rolling Scones-Let’s Spend the Bite Together. The rock and roll-themed cookbooks combine food and music with a clever twist! Lanea co-authored Recipe Records with her late best friend, Maggie McHugh (1967-2011), together they created a cookbook style that invites you to infuse music into your culinary setting. The writing duo held The Beatles in high regard as the foundation and standard for rock and roll. It is fitting that The Beatles are celebrated in a book which creates the opportunity to turn up the Beatles beat in the kitchen.

Lanea resides in Southern Indiana with her family, where she writes for many projects. She is the co-host of “She Said She Said,” a podcast conducted with John Lennon expert, Jude Southerland Kessler. Stagg also writes a blog, conducts presentations, cooking lessons and more.

Recipe Records on Amazon
Recipe Records on Amazon

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