John Winter

John Winter
John Winter

John Winter was born and brought up on Merseyside, where he still lives. He went to school in South Liverpool, travelling to and from the city centre on the 86A bus which was also used by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, although he didn’t know it at the time. The school playing fields were on Penny Lane.

In the sixties, while a student at the university, he played in a group, wrote pop songs which were made into records, and recorded demo discs at the small studio in Kensington run by Percy Phillips, where The Beatles (as The Quarrymen) cut their very first record.
As a result of all this he mixed with some of the people who were making the city of Liverpool famous.

He knows how very fortunate he was to have been a teenager in Liverpool at that time, and to have had such unforgettable experiences. He wrote ‘Blame It On The Beatles … And Bill Shankly’ to try and describe, for those who were not lucky enough to have been there, what it was like to have been young, to have been loving and living, in Liverpool, during that magical decade.


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