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Debbie Greenberg

Debbie at the Cavern
Debbie at the Cavern

Born in 1945 in Liverpool, Debbie attended the Morrison School on Greenbank Road and, after passing her eleven-plus, New Heys High School for Girls.

Leaving school at seventeen, she started working with her father, Alf Geoghegan, who ran three butcher’s shops. By age 20 she was managing the family business and also working part-time aqs a fashion model.

Her life changed forever when her father took over the lease of the Cavern Club in 1966 after the previous went bankrupt. Now she had to immerse herself in the running of the world’s most famous club.

Debbie lives with her husband Nigel in Liverpool and partners with him in their 44-year-old business, Solo Security.

Debbie by her father's brick at the Cavern
Debbie by her father’s brick at the Cavern

The Cavern Club

Debbie’s book, Cavern Club: The Inside Story tells an incredible story of her time watching The Beatles and seeing her father become an owner of The Cavern.

Cavern Club - The Inside Story
Cavern Club – The Inside Story

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