Many Beatle experts are aware that the English language version of the Beatles Monthly had 77 original issues along with a couple of special Christmas issues and a special repeat issue. The Beatles Monthly later returned to give new information about the Beatles solo career and actually a grand total of 321 issues were made before operation was ceased on the magazine in 2003. There was also a rare special Japanese English language edition of the magazine that came out in late 1965.

Not much is known about the rare three edition French version of the Beatles Monthly

The rare 3 issue edition of the French Beatles Monthly is special as they had a very thematic approach to the pictures and stories that appeared in each issue. However it is a mystery as to why only three issues were printed at the height of Beatlemania. The three French Monthly covers appear below.

Wikipedia information about the Beatles Monthly

The Beatles Book (also known as Beatles Monthly) was a fan magazine dedicated to the English rock band the Beatles, founded in 1963. It was first published in August 1963 and continued for 77 editions until it stopped publication after the December 1969 edition. It was revived in 1976, and ceased publication in 2003. Sean O’Mahony passed away  in July of 2020.

Publisher Sean O’Mahony– Sean used the pseudonym, Johnny Dean in the magazine

Issues #1,2, and three of the French Beatles Monthly

The bag issued to house the three French issues of the Beatles Monthly. The French Monthlies had more of a thematic approach to their content than the English editions.

The special repeat issue featuring the best photos from the first six issues of the magazine!

The 1965 larger format special Christmas issue.

The 1966 special larger format Christmas issue.

The rare English language special 1965 Japanese Christmas issue of the Beatles Monthly.

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