The Beatles Era – A Quest for the Secret of The Beatles


If you like to unravel the secret of the Beatles. If you are intrigued by their unprecedented fame, by the fact that so many books were written about them, going into the smallest details of their supremacy. If you wonder, why their music has remained fresh after all these years. If you are intrigued by the secret of their music.

Then this book is a book for you.

Because this book is not about what happened, but about why it happened.

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This nonfiction book is based on the theory that we all live in The Beatles Era.

While the Beatles are primarily associated with the 1960s, their success and influence go far beyond that decade. According to the theory, The Beatles Era consists of five periods, each described in a chapter of the book: Before the Beatles, The Beatles Years, The Solo Years, The Reduced Solo Years, and After the Beatles. Studying each period of The Beatles Era creates a better understanding of the phenomenon of the Beatles and their impact on our time and beyond.

The quest for the secret of the Beatles is further deepened with a chapter on The Secret of Their Music and a chapter on what the individual Beatles brought to the table and how that resulted in something much bigger (The Four Corners of an Album Cover).

The book is completed with an effort to answer the question, how the (music) world would have looked like without the Beatles (Without the Beatles) and a chapter on how the Beatles have been experienced throughout the years (The Experience).

This is not just another of the many books on the Beatles that describe what happened. This book describes why it happened. It is a quest for the secret of the Beatles. This book will change the way we look at the Beatles.


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The Beatles Era – Amazon

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The Beatles Era

The Beatles Era

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