Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat/ Ringo’s White Album (Deluxe) Bundle


Buy both books in our Deluxe bundle of Ringo Starr and the Beatles Beat plus Ringo’s White Album

Sold By: Alex Cain and Terry McCusker


“The definitive account of Ringo Starr’s drumming with the Beatles”

Liverpool drummers Alex Cain and Terry McCusker explore the percussive elements of the Beatles songbook, providing intuitive descriptions and detailed notation of the drumming and percussion in every original Beatles release. Scratch beneath the surface of the Beatles’ musical output to discover percussive layers which display just how much care and attention to detail John, Paul, George and Ringo put into their music. With comprehensive song by song analysis, discover how Ringo’s sympathetic and instinctive drumming interacted with the personalities of his bandmates and recording engineers to shape the Beatles’ beat. Terry’s recollections of witnessing four lads in the famous Cavern Club provide a focus on how the `beat’ in Merseybeat altered the musical and cultural landscape forever, while Alex’s experiences as a sound engineer shed light upon the studio experimentation that enhanced the Beatles’ sound. The shortcomings of Pete Best and the reasons he was forced to relinquish the Beatle drum stool and Ringo’s ascendancy are also discussed in detail. Foreword by Don Powell of Slade.


“To appreciate why Ringo Starr was the perfect drummer for the Beatles, listen to the White Album – and read this book! “

From the authors of Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat, Ringo’s White Album (Deluxe Edition) explores Ringo’s contribution to the Beatles’ groundbreaking double L.P. THE BEATLES, commonly known as the White Album. With so many diverse styles and genres on show, Ringo once again proved he was up to the task – and then some. He also got blisters on his fingers. With song by song analysis, discover how Ringo’s unique drumming style and approach shaped the sound and feel of the White Album. Read how Ringo’s departure from the group was dealt with by John, Paul and George, and how the group dynamic soon returned to EMI’s Abbey Road Studios. The Hey Jude/Revolution single is also covered in detail, with previously unseen photographs of the shooting of the promotional films.


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