Exploring Fab Four Landmarks


A travel log of my trip to the UK for the year 2013.  You will take a journey with myself and my friends as we go through this together.

Sold By: Sandi Borowsky


A travel log of my trip to the UK for the year 2013.  You will take a journey with myself and my friends as we go through this together. You will visit many famous Beatles locations.


5.0 out of 5 stars For Beatle Fans

Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2018

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If you love The Beatles and The thought of wandering such cities as London and Liverpool, you need to read this book. Not only does the author give you a tour of old haunts, family homes, other popular (and a few not so popular and known) sites, you feel as if she had taken your hand and you are with her on this journey. It’s not just about Beatle landmarks, there are mishaps, tiredness and all that comes with putting together a great visit. The author has many friends and contacts that have allowed her the opportunity to bring the Landmarks to us and she doesn’t disappoint!

Craig Stibbe

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  1. Alexandra Chartier‎

    Alexandra Chartier‎
    June 6 at 12:26 AM ·
    Sandi Anne Borowsky’s Exploring Fab Four Landmarks is spot on!
    With vivid descriptions of her surroundings and adventures, plus colorful, close-up photographs (taken by the author, herself), we feel like we are traveling through England right alongside her!
    She takes us on a tour of important Beatle landmarks, as well as places we wouldn’t expect to see (from a very special bathroom to a sudden shocker at Strawberry Fields! Read about it in this book!). We learn how resourceful Sandi is and of her absolute love, love, love of coffee…and ice (find out in these pages!)!
    We come to know her friends or “mates” (both old and new) and the warmth and good humor of the British people, through Sandi’s retelling of conversations and events. One of Sandi’s friends and her grandmother even knew Ringo (Sandi’s favorite Beatle!)and his “mum!”
    “Love one another” and peace us Sandi’s wish for us all. She hopes you have as much fun reading about her absolutely Fab adventures as she did having them!
    So let the movie in your mind begin!

  2. Howard Cohen

    Howard Cohen
    November 29, 2019
    Hello: Just wanted to say that I ordered and received your Fab Four Landmarks and although I have been to London and Liverpool 4 times and soon to be 5 times early next year as I can not get enough of that magical place your book is immensely enjoyable thus far and getting it today and sitting down to read it and read it only to find myself just 28 pages from the end of the book, so that is how much I enjoy it and you did see and do more things than I did but 90 percent of the things you did i did and as it turned out I was there in August 2013 (my very first visit ) so that was interesting that the book is based on that time period. I also got the pleasure of seeing the Woolton Baths and talked to the ladies running it and have it all on my video and that was one of the highlights of my trip. Thanks for writing this book for people who have not been there and for the people who have been there, this is a book for all of us and I am so glad to have purchased it! Take care and I like what you said- Play nice and Love one another. Peace and Love, Howard (back to finish your book)

  3. Tom Aguiar

    Tom Aguiar
    March 2, 2019
    Our second stop will be the 2018 Exploring Fab Four Landmarks by Sandi A. Borowsky.
    Turn off your minds, relax, and float downstream because the bus is leaving the station.
    Exploring Fab Four Landmarks by Sandi A. Borowsky. Covenant Books Inc.
    From August 15 to September 6, 2013, Sandi made one of her numerous trips to Liverpool. This trip started and ended in London with a long stay in her adopted city of Liverpool visiting friends and seeing the city. Borowsky invites the reader to come along on her wondrous adventure, and it is indeed a wondrous adventure.
    Exploring Fab Four Landmarks is a blend of fun facts and photos as she tours the many Beatles sites around the cities, many well-known and some not so well-known. The real charm of the book is not so much the sites that are well documented, but of the story and how Borowsky tells it.
    Borowsky is able to bring the reader along with her, with her witty and conversational writing style. You’re there and part of the trip. You’re involved in the mishaps and the successes as you make your tour with Borowsky and her friends. There are moment to moment details of the hotels, the restaurants and food, the shops, and of making your way around the city waiting in train and bus stops traveling to the next place. The reader most certainly feels like they are right beside her every step of the way. You get a feeling of the city itself and of the people of Liverpool and that is what makes this book so much better than other books on the subject of Beatles sites.
    There are many sites to enjoy from the Cavern to St. Peter’s Church and thanks to her contacts and friends, Borowsky is able to gain access to sites that other cannot. Her vivid description of the Casbah Coffee Club is a richly rewarding jewel. Getting an etching of Eleanor Rigby’s gravestone and then searching for John’s uncle, George Smith’s, grave will bring a smile to your face. Seeing the vandalism to the gates of Strawberry Field will invoke your own emotions. Her description of getting the “perfect picture” of Big Ben in London is something that every traveler to the city experiences.
    The reader gets to spend every minute of every day with Borowsky and experience even the smallest detail: the desire for a cup of coffee, walking along the streets and taking a wrong turn and finding a new “treasure” that wasn’t part of the day’s plans, relaxing with friends in an intimate setting that brings out the love of the people and city culture, and the exhaustion that you feel at the end of a day well spent.
    Exploring Fab Four Landmarks will tell you a lot about landmarks connected to the Beatles but it is the story of the adventure that is at the heart of the book. You will understand the city, the culture, and the people. You get the feeling that you are actually there and experiencing the same feelings that the author is experiencing and that is the diamond of the book. I give the book, and Borowsky, a grade of A plus.

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