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Despair as The Cavern Club Closes

The Sit-in Protest
The Sit-in Protest

And in The End?

Until that fateful last night on 28th February 1966, no one knew anything was wrong. It was just like any other Sunday night at the Cavern – until Ray McFall arrived and informed the staff that the bailiffs would be there the next morning. He said the club was to stay open all night – with free admission. Young men were furious, girls cried, and by the early hours, patrons had blocked the stairs leading down to the club. No one could get in or out.

When the police arrived, Paddy told the protestors to let them in. The kids were escorted out but they wanted doorman Paddy to be the last one to leave.

Cavern Sound Ltd

The two working directors of Cavern Sound Ltd., Nigel Greenberg and Peter Hepworth, whose recording studio occupied the basement of No. 8 Mathew Street, next door to the Cavern at No. 10, had no idea Ray McFall was about to declare bankruptcy when they locked up the previous Friday. The recording studio could only be accessed through the front door of No. 8, where the Cavern offices were situated.

The Bailiffs

Nigel recalls: “When we arrived for work that Monday we found that bailiffs, acting on behalf of the Official Receiver, were sealing up the front roller shutter to prevent anyone from removing any of Ray McFall’s assets, which were to be sold to pay off his debts.

“I tried to explain to one of the bailiffs that Cavern Sound Ltd. was a completely separate legal entity to the Cavern Club and that none of the studio equipment belonged to Ray, but the bailiff would have none of it and prevented us from entering the building.”

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What happened next in Cavern history?

The Chairs Stop the Bailiffs
The Chairs Stop the Bailiffs

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Debbie Greenberg

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