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30 Minutes in Memphis

30 Minutes in Memphis
30 Minutes in Memphis
30 Minutes in Memphis

Breathtakingly well-written… Absolutely, not to be missed!

What a unique and entertaining jaunt. For me, The Beatles’ number one fan (at least in my heart) 30 Minutes in Memphis by Paul Ferrante is made all the more special due to the 100% accurate attention to Beatle history as well as the general socio-political atmosphere of the nation back in 1966. When ultimate Beatles fan, Marnie––daughter of the Memphis police sergeant and a typical example of teenage innocence in the ’60s, is told that the Fab Four are scheduled to perform and that her best friend has secured tickets for her birthday, she is over the moon! That is, until a disastrous yet misrepresented quote by John Lennon, on Christianity’s declining popularity, is released in a popular teen publication, which ignites a firestorm in an already racially charged atmosphere.

Forbidden from going to the concert, Marnie is paralyzed with fear when she discovers that the local KKK chapter, led by her father’s boss, Lieutenant Joe Bob Sutter, is planning to make this Beatles concert their last. They plan to assassinate John Lennon, perhaps all four of them on stage. With the show just days away, Marnie and Myles must prevent this tragedy from occurring. 30 Minutes in Memphis is an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. A unique blend of historical fact and “on beat” storytelling that blends seamlessly, creating an indelible portrait of teenage life in the ’60s touched by the volatility of the period. Breathtakingly well-written, without a scrap of profanity. Absolutely, not to be missed!

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews

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