Alex Cain and Terry McCusker

Alex Cain and Terry McCusker

Alex Cain

Alex was born at Oxford Road Maternity Hospital, Liverpool, as the Beatles’ latest single Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine sat atop the charts. A drummer for many years, he has enjoyed a career in TV sound, most notably working on Channel 4’s Brookside and Hollyoaks, plus numerous productions for BBC, ITV and Independents. He lives and works in Liverpool, and of course, supports Everton.

Terry McCusker

Within three years of seeing the Beatles at the Cavern, Terry was himself playing the sweat-clubs of Germany and elsewhere. Working as a freelancer he has played all over Europe, America and the Middle East with many varied bands and artists on stage, screen or radio. Still in demand, he can be seen doing anything from powering along a ten-piece, or merely standing up playing his cocktail kit with a trio in his local pub.

Ringo Starr and their Books

Ringo Starr and the Beatles Beat
Ringo Starr and the Beatles Beat

After a successful career in TV Sound, Alex combined his love of drumming and the Beatles to write Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat with long time friend and pro-drummer Terry McCusker. Hailed as the definitive account of Ringo Starr’s drumming with the Beatles, the book has been well received by both Beatles and drumming communities, with 5-star reviews in Rhythm and Modern Drummer magazines, plus many Beatles podcasts, and publications.

Ringo's White Album
Ringo’s White Album

Guest authors at the Fest For Beatles Fans, Alex and Terry have since embarked upon expanding chapters from Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat, the first of which, Ringo’s White Album was published in 2019. Ringo’s Abbey Road is slated for publication May 2020, with more to follow!


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