Paul McCartney Toy
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Ringo and Paul sell better

Paul McCartney toy
A Paul McCartney Toy

Selling Paul McCartney and Ringo?

Memorabilia expert Terry Crain discusses Paul McCartney and Beatles memorabilia in the 1960s.

“Beatles memorabilia featuring Paul McCartney always did well in the first-generational wave of dimensional items from 1964-1966.  In fact, research by retailers and manufacturers showed that the two most popular Beatles in the US at that time were Ringo and Paul. 

Paul McCartney Board cut-out

“Even when Beatles toy rings, valued at 29 cents each, were stolen in a burglary in the St. Louis area in 1964, the shop owner after the theft was quoted as saying: ‘Frankly, I was stuck with the George rings because they did not sell, but now I won’t have to worry about them.  Ringo and Paul sell much better.'”

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