The Country of Liverpool: Nashville of The North (SOFTBACK) (Black and White)


The Country of Liverpool: Nashville of the North by David Bedford. The Untold Story of the Country Roots of The Beatles and Liverpool

Sold By: David Bedford


The new book from David Bedford, author of Liddypool.

  • Discover the Country and Western scene in Liverpool from the 60s onwards as we look into Phil Brady’s scrapbook.
  • Discover the Country roots of The Beatles, from the skiffle of The Quarrymen right through their recording career, and after The Beatles split up.
  • 480 pages of full colour; signed and numbered limited edition

“Country music profoundly shaped the British Invasion, but has not received the attention it deserves. David Bedford’s impeccable research provides an in-depth look at how Country and Western reached Liverpool, turning the city into the “Nashville of the North”; how the city developed its own country stars; and how the Beatles were influenced by the music. The Country of Liverpool is an invaluable resource that sheds greater light onto how the city and the country genre helped transform the music of the 1960s—transformations that still resound today.”

Kit O’Toole, author, Songs We Were Singing: Guided Tours through the Beatles’ Lesser Known Tracks

The content is the same as the other editions but the interior, including photographs, are in black and white instead of colour.

David Bedford


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