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Michael was a school friend of John Lennon from the age of five at Dovedale School and they went together to Quarry Bank School, where Michael introduced Lennon to rock ‘n’ roll.

Find out how Michael introduced John Lennon to the music of Little Richard, which John said was the music that took him from Liverpool to the world.

John Lennon:

The Boy Who Became A Legend


Meet The Author - Michael Hill


Michael Hill

Michael Hill was born in Liverpool in 1940 just ten days before John Lennon. First meeting aged five at primary school, they were particularly close friends in their teenage years when Hill’s enthusiasm for music changed Lennon’s life forever. Resident in Australia since 1970, Hill was a leading figure in marine insurance.

About The Book

In a revealing and engrossing new book, ‘John Lennon: The Boy Who Became a Legend’, Michael Hill, a close friend of Lennon’s during 12 mischief-filled school years, offers a perceptive and amusing first-hand analysis of the formative years of the future Beatle and of the events that shaped his character.

With little interest in music until his mid-teens, Lennon was a real nowhere boy with every prospect of becoming a real nowhere man, until the influence of frequent record playing sessions at Hill’s house and the impact one school lunchtime of first hearing Little Richard’s dynamic recording of ‘Long Tall Sally’ motivated him to take up playing and writing music himself.

To fully understand the life of John Lennon and how the boy became a legend, you have to read Michael Hill’s book.

Reviewers’ Comments

“A wonderful fun read adding huge perspective to John’s formative years. A must have book.” (Shelley Germeaux,

“A fascinating memoir” (Philip Norman, author)

“Hill’s reminiscences renew Lennon’s music in fascinating ways.” (Tim Riley, author)