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A Date With A Beatle


Once Upon a Time in Liverpool

“A Date With A Beatle” is a classic: the  hilarious true story of Judith’s obsession with meeting George Harrison when The Beatles arrived in America in 1964.

Her latest book, “Once Upon A Time  In America” is The Beatles story - for children of all ages!

Judith Kristen is an American author, educator, champion for animal rights, humane education teacher, and still a slower child at the age of 64!

She has written several books.


Meet The Author - Judith Kristen

Judith Kristen

Judith Kristen is an American author, educator, champion for animal rights, humane education teacher, and still a “Flower Child” at the age of sixty-four.

But, first and foremost, she is a Beatles fan.

Judith’s best-selling book, ‘A Date with a Beatle’, chronicles her days of 1964 Beatlemania with fun, excitement, and adventure. It has received rave reviews from the upper echelon of Beatledom.

Her latest Beatle-related book title (for Beatle children of all ages) is called ‘Once Upon a Time in Liverpool ‘ and is illustrated by famed Beatles Artist - Eric Cash.

‘A Date with a Beatle’ has also been translated into German, (‘Eine Nacht mit George Harrison’) and will also be released in Spanish, (‘Una Cita con un Beatle’)?Her book, ‘My Name is life and times as a rescued dog’ as well as ‘The Rainbow Bridge...a dog’s story’ has been embraced by Best Friends Animal Society, The Jane Goodall Institute, and children everywhere. Both books are used to teach humane education to children of all ages. They have also been translated into German (‘Ich bin der Henley’) and (‘Henley im Himmel’) and will soon be available in a Spanish version.

Her life’s work, Beatles aside, involves animal rescue, The Read Across America program, creative writing for young adults in schools and libraries, and a “Distance Learning” program headed by her local Carson School connecting the students of South Jersey with students in Manchester, England.

Among Ms. Kristen’s many awards is her APSL award from the School Librarians of Philadelphia in appreciation of her support of school libraries and dedication to the children of Philadelphia. Judy also received a “Huggins Hero” award from NBC for her work with inner city school children. And she was also honored as The Citizen of the Year from The Lions Club for her work involving children’s literacy as well as her community contributions, in many forms, to multiple animal rescue and adoption programs.

Judith lives her very own happily-ever-after with darling husband, Andrew, and five totally adorable cats in a quaint and lovely section of The Garden State.

Author’s websites:

A Date With A Beatle official site -

Interview with Judith, by Happy Nat

If you haven’t had a chance to read Judith Kristen’s A Date With A Beatle, then I have to tell you, it’s a great book that captures for us 2nd/3rd generation fans, what it was really like to have been around when The Beatles came to America for the first time in 1964. Don’t let the title fool you…it’s not just for girls. It now has a new cover (pictured here) and there is even a review of the book by me, Happy Nat, given on the opening pages.

Speaking of reviews, here is what Bill Harry had to say about the book:

“A Date with a Beatle” is a rollicking roller coaster of a ride as a feisty female set her sights on the Beatles – George in particular – during the Fab Four’s first American trip. Films such as: ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ and ‘Secrets’ tried to capture the moment with fictional fans, but this is the real thing. I found it fascinating.”

Bill Harry, Founder of Mersey Beat

In 1964, The Beatles phenomenon swept the nation, and tenacious sixteen-year-old JUDY came down with a bad case of Beatlemania. JUDY spent “Eight Days a Week” with a dream to meet her idol – George Harrison. Thanks to a series of strange, but fortunate events, dream becomes reality for the devoted teen. A must read for anyone who lived through it, or for those who wish they had.

Check out Happy Nat's interview with Judith Kristen here

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