Paul McCartney at Mike McCartney's Wedding
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Filming paul mccartney at penny lane

Top Photo – Paul and Linda McCartney, Nigel and Debbie Greenberg at Mike McCartney’s Wedding

Mike McCartney’s Wedding

On 31st May 1981, Mike McCartney decided to get married at St. Barnabas Church on Penny Lane, where brother Paul had once sang in the choir. Nigel Greenberg was asked to film the wedding, where, of course, Paul would get lots of attention as the best man.

Debbie Greenberg Recalls What Happened

Mike had told Nigel that the wedding party would be leaving the church by the rear door in Elm Hall Drive. We sat in the car for as long as possible before setting up the camera outside the rear door of the church because we knew that if someone saw a film crew they would realise what was happening.

St. Barnabas Church, Penny Lane, from Elm Hall Drive

We had barely had the chance to set up the equipment when a torrent of excited onlookers flooded around the corner of the church from Penny Lane to where we were positioned in Elm Hall Drive outside the rear entrance to the church. We could hear them coming long before they came into view. It wasn’t long before the road was bursting at the seams.

Camera at the ready, everybody was anxious to get a bird’s eye view of the bridge and groom and of course their idol Paul and his wife Linda.

We had to make sure that we were right at the front to capture every moment of this memorable occasion.

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