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About The Beatles Bookstore

Beatles Books

There have been so many books written about The Beatles that it is impossible to list them all. Since the official biography of The Beatles by Hunter Davies, there have Beatles books on every subject imaginable - and some you couldn’t even dream of!

Recommended Beatles Books

The Beatles Bookstore aims to bring you their recommended Beatles books, to give you a chance to find out about the author and their book, with samples and background information and the chance to buy their Beatles book direct from the author.

There is also a chance to leave your feedback, comments and rate the books out of five too, so that other Beatles fans can decide whether or not to purchase the book.

Search by Author

We have a page where you can find out about the authors and their book, with a biography and a list of their Beatles books, where appropriate.

Search by Book

If you don’t wish to search by author, you can then see all of the books in our bookstore, which will expand as we bring more Beatles authors into the Beatles Bookstore.

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